Grew up to be his...+colored+

Posted Aug 27, 2007, 7:59:37 PM

Well, the colored version... TA-CHANNN! I'm not all happy with it, I just don't know what else to do with it. The worst thing is the bg (or lack of it), but then, there's just something missing with the pic itself...

So, any suggestions?

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  • Aug 27, 2007
    Gorgeous in my opinion...I don't think you need to change a whole lot. The only thing I saw was *maybe* Rin's boob is a little oddly shaped, but that's all. ^^
    • Aug 27, 2007
      Thanks a lot!! I'm glad you like it)
  • Aug 27, 2007
    Sorry...double posted because I'm new and dumb. ::bows humbly::