Posted Sep 7, 2007, 5:14:36 AM

-It's a boy(just in case)-

I actually hadn't planned on drawing today. Not aside from other things I was working on. Then, I just started something... and kept working on it. xD, This is one of the few naga I've ever drawn, and probably the only finished one I'm proud of.

Actually, I think this is the first naga I really have finished. Most are WIPs or sketches, unless my memory fails me. I don't like drawing the underbelly of the tail any differently because it never comes out well for me. :<

So, yeah...

Also, he's not putting his full weight on that I'm-funny-and-don't-like-standing-up-straight tree. =P
:making up excuses now: xD,

Are naga considered kemonomimi(sp?)?

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