Celestial Kitsune - Masahiro

Posted Sep 19, 2007, 7:42:05 AM

This is my favorite image of my kitsune character, Masahiro. He just looks so damn happy....mostly because the one whom he loves dearly brought him back from the afterlife. I would be happy too if that ever happened to me xD Anyways....the boy needs some clothes (lazy lazy lazy that I am lol )


Drawn on cardstock then scanned and quickly colored on PhotoshopCS2.

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  • Sep 19, 2007

    Very pretty and sensual work here, Maji! I love your anatomy skills... your bishies are always SO bishie but still so male at the same time. Great balance. :3

    I will fave this one because it's fantastic. Big Smile
    • Sep 19, 2007
      *squee* Thank you soooo much Marie hun! Your comments always make me feel happy.

      Also thank you for the fav!
      • Sep 19, 2007
        Aw, no problem! I need to comment more to you on dA. XD I just, have gotten lazy over there. >.>;
        • Sep 19, 2007
          Well that's alright XD You could always comment here :3 Since I'll be posting more of my work here than there.

          I will comment more also! 8D