Akio in the trees

Posted Oct 7, 2007, 1:34:19 AM

When I sketched this, I originally wanted to go for 'insane perspective'. I think I accomplished that alright, and I love the way the snake looks when being cut in half, the upper part flying in the background as if it hadn't noticed it was de-capitated yet. I do have to admit though, the crazy perspective might make it look a bit off, proportion wise, but that was my attempt at fore-shortening.
Had to create my own lens flare on the blade, since it doesn't work right on layers. Not complaining however, since a custom-made flare is probably refreshing to see compared to the ready-made cut and paste Photoshop one. Flagged mature for bloodshed.
Akio Otori is (c) to me. Do not re-use or re-post this image without written permission.

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