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Posted Oct 23, 2007, 12:56:50 PM

Viola! Smut xD hahah. Inspired by an RP I have going with zannyhyper. This is my boy Tetsumiro (xD NOT ME! I swear. I'm MIKAEDEN =p Not really Tetsumiro the character xD I just always used it as a username because he was my first real smut rp boy.)

ANYWAY. Tetsu went into heat and he's snowed in his house with his lover, but he can get preggers if he has sex while he's in heat, so he doesn't want that xD because he's already got enough to worry about running from his psycho father :3 And he doesn't feel he's old enough for a kid xD so no babeh for him and Kuroni yet! this was the scene from the rp tonight tho xD Ku had gone into the bathroom to get off, and Tetsu heard him and it drove his heat CRAZY xD So there he went, riding his new toy <3 I had fun drawing this x3 I'm gonna fix the mistakes when I CG it soon <3

Tetsumiro (c) Me! <3

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  • Nov 9, 2007
    OMG! This guy will be walking funny for days. Better him than me. I like it though, it's really sexy. Smile
    • Jun 18, 2008
      Eheh sorry I'm so late replying!

      But thank you <3 ^__^;
      • Jun 19, 2008
        Thats ok. And you're welcome.