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Slave boy 0-branded

Posted Jan 5, 2008, 4:31:22 PM


I know its a looooong time since I posted last time, but I was very busy with my work over the last month and I did not found much time for my drawings. The Doujinshi "Tales of two Sayans" I have stopped, but I want to continue with it, when I found more time. I am writing at two Fanfics at the time too but there are in German. You can found them at, if you are interested. Author Name is Veggie07.

I alredy posted some drawings about the little "Slave Boy" series, and here is another one. Its the first one-poor Goku has beeing captured and branded at the moment.

To Bogusred: Where can I put a single comic page? there is no cover, can I put it in the artwork section or must it be in the comic section?

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  • Jan 1, 2010
    what is that he have in common with Goku? I didn't get it