Zimmie Just A Fetish

Posted Jan 17, 2008, 1:31:46 AM

Can you guess what the fetish is? >D (hint: there's more than one)

Zimmie @ Myself

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  • Jan 16, 2008
    Nice work, she looks very sexy! Umm, boots and sexy teacher fetish? Laughing
    • Jan 16, 2008
      Zimmie likes suits XD A lot. Actually just about everything in this picture is a of hers fetish I think. >___>;;
  • Jan 16, 2008
    office sex, public sex, high heels, menswear, and biting. how'd I do?
    • Jan 16, 2008
      Better than most people actually, and instead of menswear, it'd be black suits Tongue
      • Jan 17, 2008
        so close! dangit. oh well. I love the floor by the way.
        • Jan 17, 2008
          Thanks, I love checkered floors, brings back memories when I was a kid ^__^ My father's comic books store used to have a checkered floor like that one, and I've always wanted to use one in my artwork.




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