Him us her and them

Posted Mar 6, 2008, 3:40:18 AM

Our world and family is not an advocation for violence or revenge. In fact ,we only want you to leave you're old life behind ,and focus on your new life.

This is not heaven. This is not hell... You are now now nowhere. Your propose is to protect yourselves ,and each other. You are now brothers and sisters.

Jigoku is there because his secret love has given his soul away from someone he cares for in the living world. It destoried has mind to the point where he lost all hope and will to continue exsistance.

[The blond] is there because everyone she thought was her friends betrayed her. She called for them; they could have saved her. No one came...no one did. She died with no hope in her heart ,angry ,and fear. It also cost her a leg.

Those figures represent people in your past that are close to you. When they got to the point of looking like that to you (blurs instead of the people you knew) ,then that means you've forgotten them. If you're powerful enough you can use the blurred figures for minions or emergency energy (that's when they glow red).

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