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'Study Break'

Posted Mar 6, 2008, 6:12:36 PM

Bethany Bear - a tutor at a local community college - uses a rather intriguing method to encourage a much needed study break. O.o

The lady is shameless, I swear. XD

Bethany Bear @ J. Doucet - 2008. Please, do not redistribute without prior consent.

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  • Mar 8, 2008
    She is just too cute! I love the soft expression and the way you made her hair look so soft. The earring and glasses give her a more unique look. I am not too crazy about how very orange the fur is, it looks a bit too bold for me considering how soft the rest of the piece looks. Also, the hard outlines of where the orange stops and the beige begins is a little off putting for me. Very nice work on the skirt, thanks for sharing this with us. Smile