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'Fantasy - Part 1'

Posted Mar 6, 2008, 6:16:33 PM

During a slow work day, random furry guy daydreams about a certain busty cheetah he had spied upon while browsing the shelves at a local market.

Just an excuse to place my dear cheetah, Kiki, in erotic/sexual situations while maintaining her virtue. XD

Kiki/Hyena dude @ J.Doucet - 2008. Please, do not redistribute without prior consent.

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  • Mar 7, 2008
    Naturally my first impression was - woa those are some huge breasts! Poor gal must have loads of back pain. Anyhow... I really like how soft and smooth your coloring technique. I think it was great to have a sublte background in the thought bubble instead of just a white void. I'm not an expert of furry by any means, but I can't find anything wrong with this one. It's on par with the furry manga I saw in Tokyo when I was there last. Sorry if that wasn't 'roasty' enough.

    But I like it...so there! :wink:
    • Mar 8, 2008
      Heh heh - thanks. Smile

      Yeah, Kiki is a relatively busty cheetah girl. I imagine those melons of hers cause her some pain, naturally. ;)

      But, I can't see her without them. XD