Duel to the 'Death'

Posted Jul 26, 2008, 4:39:38 AM

Gunter and Conrart are settling the score with a special kind of duel. Too bad they both lose! XD

This picture is for the Ultimate KKM Challenge over on Livejournal. It's the first of 28 that I'll be doing, with Conrart (Conrad/Konrad) as my victim.

Coloured with copic markers (I need more practice). I got pretty damn high on the fumes while I was working, but didn't get a headache so it's allll good.

Kyo Kara Maoh (c) Tomo Takabayashi


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  • Jul 28, 2008
    man thats fucking gay.
  • Jul 27, 2008
    Ohh yummi They are having fun here! Hearts
  • Jul 26, 2008
    Hehe, the little sparkles around Gunter's head are sooo like him. He's such a ditz! Great job on the whole piece by the way. The colors, the details, the perspective, the penises...mmm.
    • Jul 28, 2008
      haha! Yeah, he's such a total ditz. It's so much fun. Oh hay, I just got my first homophobe on Red Curtain commenting on this picture! Fun times! XD
      • Jul 30, 2008
        wow, I'll look into it, because members can actually put filters on their profile if they don't want to see certain subjects. *puffs up chest & shines Jr. Mod badge in the light* XD
        • Aug 5, 2008
          Thanks! It's strange to get comments like those here because people seem to generally be tolerant. Good thing there are filters! That dude should use them!
          • Aug 5, 2008
            I'm not sure what happened to the comment though, because its not showing up when I view your pic.
            • Aug 6, 2008
              ah, it's the third one down from the top. It's not really inflammatory or insulting, but it does have homophobic overtones. It was, "man thats fucking gay." by Zebron214. I usually laugh those kinds of comments off and make fun of the homophobe in return for their meanness.
              • Aug 6, 2008
                eh, don't do anything just yet. think before you leap, and let proper authorities take care of the matter. I'm sure the comment wasn't meant to be anything harmful.
                • Aug 6, 2008
                  I'm not doing anything more than I've already done, which was reply jokingly and tell you about it. It's not worth getting into.
                  • Aug 6, 2008
                    good thinking. Better to pick your battles huh?
                    • Aug 7, 2008
                      I don't really see the point in starting conflict or drama where it's uncalled for. I do like to get a lulzy laugh off of the really dumbass homophobes on deviantART and rile them up a bit with playful and/or innuendo-laden replies when they try to intimidate me, though I don't tend to get nasty comments very often. Wink