Posted Aug 29, 2008, 3:39:29 PM

Because certain Organization members need more love, dammit! Not to mention more 3D screentime. ;_;

So. Kingdom Hearts II was finally released in Sweden, and me and friend Chigrima finished it last week. To try and sort out continuity I went on youtube to re-watch Skies of Memory, the Chain of Memories compliation that gives all the good storyline stuff to those among us who can't be bothered to actually play the little nuisance of a game.

And that was how I rediscovered the wonder that is Vexen.
How the hell had I managed to overlook this creature's greatness before??
He's cold, intelligent, aloof, bitchy... and he gets to crawl before his should-be subordinate and then beg for his life on his knees! What's not to love?! *loves Vexen*

And so my never-failing gift for picking characters-with-least fanart leaves me despairing, as it's so hard to find good fanart/fics with in-character Vexen. Or not-so-in-character but genuinely funny Vexen.
*loves Vexen some more*

More Vexen to the people, dammit!

Media used: Mechanical pencil, Corel Photopaint 9, Wacom Graphire 3
Character © Square-Enix, image © silvestris. Please do not use without permission.

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  • Aug 30, 2008
    VEXEN!! 8D
    You did him justice!