Jhazera reference sheet

Posted Nov 9, 2008, 11:33:01 PM
Completion Date: 11-09-08
Time Taken: 14 hours
+ Sketched in OpenCanvas 1.1
+ Inked, colored, and watermarked in Photoshop CS2
+ Entre moi et mon amin - Qntal
+ Shadow of the Colossus OST
+ E.S. Posthumus - Cartographer album
+ The Battle of Stirling - Braveheart

Something finished that's not homework! Huzzah! ~__~
This little cutie here is Jhazera, a relatively old character that went through revamping and all. She's a goat... thing. Some kind of goat thing. XD I'm not sure what to make of her species just yet, but they're mostly goat. Anyhow, she's a forest/lower mountain region herd creature. The bio below will tell you all about her~ And just a note, her nose/face are human even though her nose looks... weird. It was just the way I drew it. D:

Name: Jhazera
Title: --
Form(s): --
Age: --
Sex: Female
Status: Single
Occupation: Basket Weaver
Origin: Forested region - Southern Slope

Hair: Tawny brown with a fluffy texture that is cut into a short style. Her bangs are parted slightly to one side, while the rest naturally frames her face with individual sections that hang in front of her ears and over her shoulders.
Eyes: Dark Green (Note: Pupils are horizontal like those found in equines and goats. The "whites" are dark green.)
Complexion: Brown and cream dapple
Height: Approx. 5'0"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Size: 18 (Standard US size)
Physique: Classical "Pear" Shape/ Chubby
Distinguishing Marks: She has very distinctive horns that gradiate from dark green to a bright green at the tips, her eyes also reflect this same tonal change. Starting just below the brow and spreading to her chin is a cream colored blaze. On her chest, beginning at the clavical (collarbone), the same cream color starts again and continues down between her thighs to stop midway. On her right foot she has a cream sock. The palms of each hand are cream colored with a fine pink tint, as well as the inner ears. There is soft dappling on her shoulders, and down the center of her back is a tawny brown stripe "connecting" her hair and tail. Under her tail the cream color continues in a small "diamond" shape on the rump and thighs.
Piercings: Two in each ear. (One hoop and one bar in each)
Jewelry: Two gold hoop earrings (One in each ear) and two gold bar earrings (One in each ear), a charcoal colored leather collar with a black ribbon tied around it, and a large gold bell.
Clothing: Usually a wrap around skirt of varying color and a simple tie-top or tube top.

Likes: Foreging, long walks, the herd, rocky crags, fresh spring water, basket weaving, being helpful, playing
Dislikes: Strangers, cruelty, storms, death and needless slaughter, the sight of blood, lewd comments, rudeness
Jhazera is short on height but has a rather large heart and smile. She, like many of her kind, enjoy the beauty in nature and life; enjoying it for what it is and always treasuring the day. With that said, she is a highly optimistic individual with a positive and chipper attitude. Rarely is she down or saddened in most circumstances. Despite being an adult female, she still enjoys playing much like a child and is always curious about the world around her. She can often be found exploring or taking a long trek to the watering hole for one reason or another.

In the shadow of a great mountain lay fields of wildflowers and emerald green forests teaming with life. Many different creatures called this land home and most lived harmoniously in such. Birds in the sky, fish in the water; it was all as it should be. The great herds were enjoying the feasts of spring and its abundant flows of fresh water and sweet green grass. It was here in a small forested village that a young Greenhorn decided to take her leave and venture to the watering hole on her own. Of course, word had spread of a flying monster roaming about, though that stopped her none from going to such a beautiful place. It was a long walk, one she never did mind as she happened upon the sweet little clearing. Only today, there was something much different...

"Entre moi et mon amin" by Qntal
"The Sunlit Earth" by Koh Otani
"Last of Mohicans (Irish Riverdance)" by Yanni
"The Battle of Stirling" from Braveheart

Artwork, Jhazera © 2008 P. Lolla (*souls-poison)

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