Foreplay is Over

Posted Dec 13, 2008, 9:42:09 PM

Just a hungry catgirl, looking for something...or rather, someone to eat. 

If this catgirl looks a little unique, that's because she's a Tran, one of Alan Dean Foster's feline race that lives on the frozen planet of Tran-ky-ky.  The Tran had to adapt to a world where everything is covered in ice and there is a constant wind blowing.  Hence the membranes that run from wrist to hips.  You can't see it here, but their foot claws grow into essentially skates.  All they have to do to get around is raise their arms, let the wind fill out the membrane, and away they go.  It's a fascinating world; I recommend these books--the Icerigger Trilogy--very much.

Foster mentions that foreplay on Tran-ky-ky (when a human explorer gets assaulted by a horny teenaged princess) is as harsh as its environment.  Better watch out.

My first submission on this site! I hope you like it.

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