Posted Dec 27, 2008, 12:45:19 PM

So I wanted to draw something yaoi-ish for a while, but simply couldn't think of any pairing or positions.
I don't even have that many options when it comes to pairings as I don't own many male characters myself. Luckily, my fiancé has a bunch, but I just couldn't decide...

Eventually, he grew a bit tired of me not knowing what to do, turned to me and said:
"I have a request for you. Stop beating around the bush and draw Henry taking Ezekiel in the ass."


He gave me ideas for poses (and finally a pairing) and viola, here we have Ezekiel and Henry.
Completly out of character, but damn... it is hot, they are hot!

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  • Mar 3, 2009
    I love the uke's delicate features and pose, there is something very graceful in his attitude. And I love his expression.
    • Mar 4, 2009
      Thank you, but... since the one you call 'uke' is like a hundreds years old (Ezekiel being vampire and such), I think the other one is the 'uke' in this picture ;p

      Ezekiel is around 400 years and Henry is 150 years.
      Long story...

      Such a weird term, uke... Had to look it up because this is the first time I heard of it.
      • Mar 4, 2009
        Oh, 'uke' has nothing to do with the age^^; In japanese, it comes from the verb 'ukeru', which means to 'receive'. The 'uke' is commonly the character beeing in the situation of the 'female' (=receiving the male), as I could see in your pic^^. Well, in english, it would be 'bottom' and 'dominant', I guess.
        Uke is also a matter of psychology, a man can be psychologically 'uke' if dominated by his female partner. In english, it would be 'femdom'.

        I live in Japan since 1999, these words have become natural to me TwT; Sorry if that sounds weird to you.
        • Mar 5, 2009
          Internet has failed me ._.

          Sorry about that... Seems what ever information I found on the internet wasn't the right thing.
          • Mar 5, 2009
            You don't have to apologize, you tried to document yourself and were very polite (and you are very polite now too, thank you). There are also characters that are 'reversible' XD I said uke as the brunette is the one 'receiving' in this particular pic, and also has the kind of expression and features that would drive a seme mad with desire (whahaha), but you never know^^
            Nevermind, your gallery is gorgeous, I hope to see much more from you!
            • Mar 6, 2009
              Thank you very much for not taking it the wrong way.

              More drawings are to come, surely.
              • Mar 6, 2009
                You're very welcome!^w^