Charging In

Posted Mar 3, 2009, 10:45:36 AM

After reading through a role play of 275 pages long (and thats only half the story) and which took place between me and Noodles several years ago, I had the urge to draw the characters which are the most dear to me from the whole story.

Dockon, a psychotic elf who eats flesh and drinks loads and loads of alcohol (and dead blood). A vampire slayer from the Templars of the Night clan.
Lucifer, a deadly serious human who is actually the cause of Dockon's insane state. A master vampire slayer from the Templars of the Night clan.
Doll, a vampiress who lost the ability to speak, whos real name is forgotten and is the lover of Dockon. Though one of the undead, she has become a vampire slayer.

Dockon and Doll are very special to me and Noodles as these two brought us together and caused us to fall in love with one and another. Thanks to them, I asked Noodles to marry me and thanks to them I moved to Sweden to be with him.

May sound mushy, but that is simply how it went; all thanks to a role play and two fictional characters.

Art and Doll © lynxia
Dockon and Lucifer © ndls

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