Their Relationship

Posted Mar 3, 2009, 10:51:26 AM

Michael and Mute (or Selma Arista) have this strange relationship, if you can even call it a relationship to begin with...

So far, in the role play/story, they have been trying to hurt each other with every given oppertunity or even without an oppertunity; shooting, cutting, scratching, punching, kicking, cuffing, burning, not to mention trying to insult or offend in the hope that the other will get angry enough to make a slip-up or a mistake so more humiliation can commense.
Slayer and vampire are testing each others limits, their weakspots and yet neither take the step of actually making the attempt to kill. They are too curious and stubborn for that and like picking at each other way too much. They hate each other's guts, yet are very intrigued with one and another.

Yet, at the moment in the role play/story, they have made a truce till sunset to explore each other in a more 'friendly' way. Still with an insult and stab of pain here and there, but so far they have been behaving rather well... compared to earlier in the story.
Wonder how long that will keep up...

Mute and art © Lynxia
Michael © ndls

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