Posted Mar 6, 2009, 12:06:14 PM

A note I recieved on FurAffinity,net yesterday named 'we cen be firends!!1'

oh, hai.

was going to send this as an sms, but i'm lazy, and there's a bigger chance you find it here.

there is no chance in hell i'll be saying this with verbal words, so pay heed.

i have one more request to make, to add to the pile that is already acumulated.

i'm in the mood for some gay.
but not any manner of gay, i want a trap.
so gogo, make a mansona who is so goddamn feminine and epic faptraptastic that it's hard to see that it's even a man... boy... thing.

then take that mansona and stick it in some sloppy yaoi hentai along with a disgustingly bishounenified some-manner-of-me.

there's your gay.

hope it brightens your day :|



How could I resist...?



Human me and art © Lynxia
Human Noodles © ndls

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