'...this part too.'_G/R

Posted Apr 28, 2009, 4:32:22 PM

'The Devil will take this part too...'

Hunter Rose (Grendel)/Tim Drake (Robins

Hunter's claiming every part of Tim for himself (too bad, so sad, Brucie), and training him. At this point, Tim knows if he pisses Hunter off, something very bad will happen. The man's damn good with sharp objects and Tim knows all about that.

if I ever color this, Timmy's going to have a 'G' cut into his left pectoral, bleeding everywhere. mmm...scarification.

next picture...Tim's gonna get it hard and fast and all night long. Hunter's gotta burn off all that adrenaline after killing people. poor Stacy will probably be scared (and scarred for life because) of those noises...good thing Hunter's good at locking doors.

Timmy (C) DC Comics
Grendel (C) Matt Wagner

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