Hot Water

Posted Jun 23, 2009, 7:42:05 PM

I made this image for the Springkink community on Livejournal. The prompt was:
June 4 - Darker Than Black, Hei/Yin; shower sex - "It's like she's touching him with the water." I ended up making it Yin/Hei dub!con, but hopefully it won't matter much.

For those of you who don't know this series, Yin (the silver-haired girl) is a 'doll', or in other words a medium who uses water as a sensory conductor to spy on people and/or to locate them. Of course, her abilities only work when she is in direct physical contact with water and also if the person who she is looking for is near some sort of body of water, like a puddle. In this picture, she's basically raping Hei by 'observing' him in the shower and making her spirit thingy go on his dick. XD She'd never do that to him for real, so I guess that's why fan works exist. Anyway, he might not be too comfortable with what she's doing, but it seems like his dick is enjoying the attention! ;P

Darker than Black (c) Tensei Okamura and studio BONES

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