After the Lek

Posted Dec 5, 2009, 5:52:47 AM

You might be familiar with the Transformers Anonymous Kink Meme going on over here.  One request was the following:
"I like a good "Transformer in heat!" story as much as the next pervert, but how about importing a different animal mating behavior?
I'd like to see a Transformer lek (!

Every vorn, decacycle, whatever, all the single Transformers of a given subgroup get together and strut their stuff, and other Transformers come by and choose mates."

Original story: LEK!

Sexy Spinoff: EjectxAstoria

So yeah.  Read those and you'll see why Astoria's paired with someone other than Powerglide here. :D

Oh, and this is my first time drawing a Transformer, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes.

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