First Angel Hentai Game

Posted Mar 23, 2010, 1:17:36 PM

Lately I've been working on a hentai game for a couple of months now and I must say is ready to launch this weekend on my brand new site. 3/21/2010

So until this is done you won't see any random renders from me.

The Characters are Aiko 3 and M3A3. The background is a school roof setting done in *.lwo (lightwave)

An uncensored 3DCG Novel in english with a good storyline. So for those hentai fans who hate censored pubic areas and who don't understand japanese well you can give this one a try.

No it won't be in (been there, done that and I removed all my works from there in the past).

Sypnosis: Presenting First Angel The Hentai Game. Join Daisuke's hentai adventures in this hilarious adult game. Completely detailed and uncensored anime style 3DCG erotic + animations story in ENGLISH. Featuring Kawaii Midori-Chan a troubled minded college girl that Daisuke lends a helping hand. Midori's lesbian sister who is grateful by Daisuke helping her sister. A misterious catgirl that gives Daisuke a magic bracelet and turn him into a teddy-bunny vibrator lol.

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