Demon Slave Auction

Posted Apr 12, 2010, 8:02:13 PM

The bidders settled as the previous "property" was taken off of the block to await her owner's claim. A pleasure slave of moderate quality, her sale was decent for her class. The auctioneer shifted his papers as the next item was brought to the block.

"Slave #2301. Male. Class A. Type V. Electric element. Strength level 3 and energy level 1. Considered best suited for personal assistance and/or pain slave. Trainers also state that the loyalty to his Master or Mistress is exceptional." The lizard demon paused, reading the notes, "He will not turn against his owner no matter the offer of freedom, pain or death." The green, slitted eyes studied the dark male on the platform as murmurs broke out among the bidders.

Slaves were common among those of the demon realm and these auctions occurred at least once a week. But this particular slave was unusual. Not only had he been placed among the highest class, but unlike other slaves that held grudging acceptance or a broken spirit, this one stood tall, pride in his place in the world shining through the dark eyes with white pupils. He did not meet any of the bidder's eyes, nor did he raise his gaze above the floor, already trained in the basics of servitude.

Yet, despite these things, it was the last words that caused the outbursts among the wealthy demons. A slave that was completely loyal?! That was unheard of! Many had to be silenced through removal of their tongue, and their spirit and mind completely broken before they could be trusted with anything of a personal nature.

The lizard quickly took in the reactions and his eyes shone with glee, "The bidding will start at 2.5 billion." This was double the minimum amount normally placed on an A-Class Slave but as the bids immediately began rolling in, he knew this one would give his company enough to take their time selecting slaves and training them for even higher profits.


Little backstory on my character here, who we call Barak.

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