Blackwing Chieftain - FF7

Posted Jul 3, 2010, 3:25:08 AM

What is known of the Blackwing chieftain is almost exclusively rumor and legend. It is known that the tribe's leader is a woman; unusual for many tribes, but not for the Blackwings, specifically, whose histories rarely tell of a male chieftain. What is not known is the nature of the women who lead. The name Jenova has been used to address the chieftain for an estimated three hundred years. It is unclear if this is a traditional name taken on by each new chieftain, or, as some have suggested, there has been only one Jenova and she possess a strong power for self-rejuvenation. The latter seems unlikely, but her tribe is not willing to answer the inquiry in any manner.

What the tribe will clearly state is that 'chieftain' is a term used only by the mainland. Within their homelands, there is no term or title for their ultimate authority. "She is who she is," an agent offered in explanation, "every Blackwing knows her by sight, sound, and spirit, and what she is has no need of defining. Her children call her Mother, but to address her power by a common word used for countless others would be a disrespect to her unique legacy."

Rare eyewitness accounts suggest that the Blackwing Jenova takes her people's tradition of minimal clothing very seriously. A large drape of dragon hide dyed black, the most prevalent material in the tribe, most often hangs unused from her shoulders and traditional boots adorn her feet. They are the only garments of solid fabric she wears. A warrior-like beaded chestpiece, patterned in black and white like the mottled breast feathers of the northern hawk, reaches from breast to thigh but does little to conceal the flesh beneath.

Most mainlanders find the prospect shocking, but the Blackwings think nothing of nudity, considering it a testament of one's bravery and confidence to be able to bare their skin, and also a sign of resilience and strength to endure the northern climate without need of artificial warmth until the winter's first frost. Speculation abounds that the scant attire also serves to distract men in negotiations into being pliant to Jenova's desires. This in turn has led to rumors that Blackwing political affairs with other tribes are settled in rather intimate settings.

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