Preserving the Peace - FF7

Posted Jul 3, 2010, 3:28:55 AM

Among inter-tribal relations, the Blackwings of the northern continent and the Whitefalcons of the Gongaga jungles have shared a stormy past. A Whitefalcon chieftain's desire for a female Blackwing warrior led him to attempt to forcibly merge the tribes. The Blackwings were not about permit a hostile takeover by outsiders and fought the assimilation, in spite of the warrior soon carrying the chieftain's child out of belief it would end his fervor. A boy was born with no resemblance to his father, instead favoring his mother entirely; both tribes took this birth as a sign from the gods that their people were not meant to be joined and ceased hostilities. The chieftain would not relinquish his only means of possessing the warrior, however. As he insisted on overtaking the Blackwings to the point of endorsing their slaughter, the Whitefalcon tribe declared their leader mad and gave him the ultimatum of death or exile. Without the tribe behind him, the chieftain knew he had no power nor chance of survival and fled.

The next Whitefalcon appointed as chieftain made special effort to be gracious to the Blackwings in apology for his predecessor's actions, an apology the Blackwings accepted. Within a few years, the Blackwings' chieftain was killed during a hunt; to replace him, the tribe chose his cousin, the warrior who had given birth to the end of their war.

Although their meetings were rare from their peoples' distance from each other, the chieftains held a strong admiration for one another. Neither possessing the mainland's inhibitions, they chose to reinforce the peace between their tribes and express their trust through intimate pleasures. The gods again seemed to step in and prevent the copulation from ever resulting in a child, despite the chieftains' obvious fertility with mates among their own tribe. Content with the relationship of casual pleasure as it is, each is met with an especially warm reception when arriving in the other's territory.

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