The Gyumao Son Gohan

Posted Aug 16, 2010, 11:20:09 PM
Giftpic for eleonora79 at dA - Sexy Gohan

I couldn't resist throwing in some DBSS ref, so here's a bit of teaser/spoiler for upcoming chapters.

Fullview is huge...mostly so that you could see the tatt on his ass. XP

He's like 43 here, but like most Saiyans, you'd never know it. I wish I were Saiyan...I need in on that wish when Bulma wishes for youth from Shenron. XP

THIS IS TOTALLY GOING TO BE THE COVER OF MY CONTEMPORARY ART PAPER, YOU GUYS. IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME LIKE MY PROF HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE. (Update: It WAS the cover of my paper, and it WAS awesome.  I think I traumatized my whole class, because each classmate got a copy with a full-color cover. frown)
Submitted to the Red Curtain side of the site because of the naked Saiyan butt...better safe than sorry.

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