With the Moon as their Witness

Posted Oct 2, 2010, 4:29:24 PM

A scene from 'Wolf's Run', an adult role play me and Noodles play together in which Stranger, a man with memoryloss, has to give in to the call of the full moon.
Mara, who he dragged with her and away from a furious battle which errupted earlier the same night, tries to sooth his wild urges by letting him have her, so he won't harm himself or anyone else.

I actually had fun coloring this drawing and that is rare ._.


To explain something... Mara is a fire mage and has trouble controling her magic when experiencing extreme or intense emotions, in most ocassion turning her hair into flames. Lucky for her, Stranger is magic resistant and so can withstand her fire.



Art and Mara (c) Lynxia

Stranger (c) Noodles

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