One-armed Natalie

Posted Oct 2, 2010, 4:37:00 PM

Meet Natalie.

Simply started and she appeared on paper and while trying to finish her up, automaticly a character idea started to grow.
I like vampire characters and I like steampunk settings for role plays, so I decided to have this girl be a vampiress in a steampunk setting.
Harrrr har. Clever is me.

She has a bit of an awkward design, even in my own opinion, but I love it none the less.
- She isn't blind, yet her eyes are hidden behind bandages, probably to enhance her 'sixth sense'. Also for another reason, but I have to think a little more about it. I might also change this to having only one eye covered by bandages.
- She misses her left arm.
- She hardly wears pants or underwear. In an erotic tainted role play, such is definily possible, so no arched brows ;p
- Bandages are her fashion.

A timid, calm young woman yet vicious when in need of blood or when wrongly approached. She made have nude parts, but that doesn't mean she will just let anyone have her. Fiesty fiesty.

If she will ever see a light in a role play will remain to be seen, but damn... it definily has been a while I just randomly created a new character out of the blue.
Feels good.




Art and Natalie (c) Lynxia

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