Inestruad: RussellxVeronica

Posted Nov 1, 2010, 7:25:19 AM

My friend, StygianGrey (@ requested this pic through my other friend, CeruleMagus (, in exchange from some Yaoi pics she made for both of us. Using a hentai reference, I made this for her, feauring her characters, Russell and Veronica.

Here's the full version of the pic. Hope she likes it.

Russell, Veronica and Inestruad belong to StygianGrey.

Art by me.

Dripping brushes by RedHeadStock (

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  • Nov 2, 2010
    Hot damn.Big Smile
    • Nov 2, 2010
      Brandi! You saw it!!! <3

      I just said the same when I saw it finished, LOL
    • Nov 2, 2010
      I said the same when I finished it!

      Glad you like it!