Posted Dec 10, 2010, 1:13:08 AM

Based on my speed both when I draw and when I color shit... The fact that this was done a mere 24 hours after I started it... I am impressed with myself. :D

This is my rogue Tovaras and his husband Rhori once again, this time enjoying the quiet afterglow after a night with... Spending time together. *nods* :3 Tovaras had then been gone for a long time to hunt for books and information (or to become the Loremaster if I am to talk geek) and is now finally back home.

His tattoes are glowing as they often do when he is happy and relaxed, and I have finally remembered to add the tattoes to Rhori's body.

Will label this as mature, since.... Yeah, it's clear what has been going on, even if nothing shows. :)

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