Yuuram in pose

Posted Jan 6, 2011, 2:12:08 AM

Color version of my first Yuuram fanart.

Fanart made by Hikari Shiroki © All rights reserved.

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  • Jan 6, 2011
    Ah- These two ^^ I'm so keen for KKM at the moment. I need to buy season 2 though >.< Damn it- all the good series are 2 seasons long atleast...
    • Jan 6, 2011
      Ummm oh! Oofuri had two seasons! you are right, totally right!
      I saw the third season as well... bit that time the series lost it's magic to me, I must say ^^U.
      But I'm glad you like this one ^^!
      • Jan 6, 2011
        Hang on- wait.... Kyo Kara Maoh had 3 seasons?! Oh man... so much innuendo to invest in O.O I just want Conrad back *snuggles Conrad* I'm currently left hanging with Conrad being all epic baddy but I'm emo cause I don't wanna be cause I'm too dedicated to my godson <3 LOVE.

        Yes I do ^^ I love their seme x uke relationship XD They're such a cute couple Smile
        • Jan 6, 2011
          It has OVAS before teh third season, and you have to see them to understand the next season XD.
          I always liked Conrad, his smile was so kind and tender that I wanted to hug him all day ^^!