104: Difícil respirar

Posted Jan 6, 2011, 2:18:21 AM

It features Doumeki x Watanuki of XXXHolic by CLAMP, not mine.

The pose was based on Makoto Imada wonderful doujinshi "Temperature" of the series One Piece, pag. 10.

Color version, finally done ^^, yep I'm proud XD... the fluids, oh the fluids O¬o... ehem... before I sound more pervert that I already am (too late _._) let me tell you that I take this long because I was going out a lot... it took me really only 2 hours to complete this piece, but that 2 hours were random around this couple of days _._--- so, I guess, in the description it has to go like I took 2 days to finished _._--- not biggy.

Well, to all 104 fans!!! we want yaoi, right??? so yaoi is what I'm giving you O¬o.... muahahahahaha.

Comments please ^^U...

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