The Face says it All

Posted Nov 20, 2011, 5:15:01 AM

About: this was made for the GM DDN banner, this work was used. The refference, if you really want it is from pr0n, honestly i've drawn abotu 10 - 15 pr0n images of them, and i seem to be running out of ideas for poses by myself so i've started looking to Fakku!.com and Shufuni.

This one came from something called babysitter...? @ shufuni: amateur+the-babysitter-samantha-ryan+273409 I'm NOT hotlinking it but the poses in that brought this about. it's straight porn folks.

I'm only posting that b/c someone actually mentioned that i don't give my references for when i look and borrow something from porn so there you have it. if someone gets way too much info out of that, I'm sorry...

pose©The babysitter samantha from shufuni
Sesshomaru/Kagome©Rumiko Takahashi
art by r0o.  

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  • Dec 24, 2011
    anyone have any tissues? i can't nosebleed *nose dripping blood at this scene*
  • Nov 28, 2011
    He seems pretty damn!
  • Nov 20, 2011
    Running out of poses?!?

    Hmm...I suppose there are only so many, even in the Kama Sutra and (yes) The Joy of Sex. Maybe that's why porn loves costumes.

    Really nice work, by the way, but did you have to cut off at the bottom?!? Huh?
    • Nov 26, 2011
      well yeah, there's LOTS of poses, but ones that show you them both in full, make it hard to find some now. Most are starting to make it so that you can only see on well, not the other. Like this one, it's implied kagome, but you really can't SEE that it's her. It's here b/c i as the artist say it's supposed to be, but, anyone could look at this and imagine it's their favorite female, rather then Kagome, simply b/c you cant see that it is her. It's getting harder to come up with pics that show BOTH of them off as well as the other. BUT as i'm female and don't need to see female bits as much I'll probably make the images more Sess then Kagome :3
    • Feb 18, 2012
      ah well there are probably a 1000 or more poses but as MOST of the folks that like my Sess/Kagome work, really arent really looking at kagome. Most pr0n poses are in favor of showing off the female, poses where you see mostly the male are harder to find, so i feel like i'm running out off poses. besides b/c i use them as banners i have to have them closes enough to get both together for it to work.