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A delay had kept his puppet occupied for longer than he'd expected, but no matter. The time had given his body a better chance to rebuild itself, and the protection afforded by the crystallized Mako and the formidable Northern Crater gave him the privacy to fully explore these curious changes to his form.


Pretty much anyone who's ever read Sephiroth's wiki entry has seen that, in an early draft of the original game's script, he was supposed to have "the contours of a female" when he's found hibernating in the Northern Crater. I don't find that hard to picture at all, and frankly, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Sephiroth had already been born intersexed and his regeneration just made it more visible and literal. He's beautiful for a man, and Jenova's species is known to convincingly shape-shift from one sex to another. It would easily be within Sephiroth's DNA, and/or within Jenova's power to manipulate a fetus into being both halves of the species her child would be poised to infiltrate and conquer.

Sephiroth doesn't have super-boobs because breasts are pockets of body fat, and when women build muscle to his extent, their breasts usually tend to shrink against the pectorals; there wouldn't be much visual difference, and the same goes for the rest of his muscles.

>>>NOTE: comments are set to positive-only, strictly because I neither want nor need to hear from anyone whose only comment is being freaked out by intersexed bodies or how blasphemous they may find it to give Sephiroth a vagina. If you have anything concrit to say *about*the*art*, that's fine.


Sephiroth = Squeenix

art = me

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