By the Horns! Jinx & Kid Flash

Posted Jul 8, 2013, 3:44:15 AM

Kid Flash (Wally West) is about to cross into 18 and hes ready to go all over his lady love Jinx,   Jinx has already turned 18 and she teases him unmercifully untill hes had enough,  Quicker than a magic trick hes got

all her clothes off except her hairband, choker and her beloved purple/black stockings (he loves them too!)  "This is what you get for adding to the corruption of a minor!"   Wally growls,    Oh dear,  Jinx coos,  What do you expect from a girl WITH HORNS ON HER HEAD! Arf!

This is just the line art version,  color version will be along soon,  C'ya!

Kid Flash and Jinx,  Teen Titans,  Warner Bros. animation*   DC comics.*cheeky

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