Clay and Brook

Posted Nov 15, 2005, 10:14:04 PM

These two are my original charaters from my comic book. This is when one of ( if not the most imoportant) character in the comic dies and her husband finds her...and well he's not happy that's for sure.

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  • Jan 15, 2008
    You do love me...hi my first name is Clay...hows it going...

    Nice sad picture...i'd be angry too.
    • Jan 16, 2008
      Really!? Wow that's cool. Clay is one of my original characters. He's littered all over my gallery. But thanks for the comment ^_^
  • Nov 23, 2005
    Wow, this is pretty amazing! Is it the finish produce or you intend to work on it again? I love it as it is but i think more shade would had to the dramatic scene, but if its finish i like it anyway Smile Its just an idea. And if the girl is dead i think the legs should be more limp, more dead weight. The way they are now it look as if the girl is alive and holding them up a bit! Grear great work, beside you dont have to envy your brother, you trully are talented!
    • Nov 23, 2005
      Aww thanks! Grin Yeah it's finished. This is actually a redo of a pic I did in my freshman year ( which was horrible by the way) I found it and I loved the whole idea of it and decided to redraw it. I'll probably redo it again in a year or two when I've grown in the artistic sense more until I finally get it the way I want it to look. right now actually it's pretty close to how I wanted it. I agree about the limp look that's part of my problem is making my characters looking to stiff without much movement to them that's why I wanna wait a year or two. And I can't help but envy my brother he's so good at drawing...anything artistic really he's good at and he makes it seem so easy. But thanks for commenting I really appreciate it! Big Smile
      • Nov 27, 2005
        no problem!Smile I do that also, redraw and redraw as i get a bit better it shows our evolution! Art is never really finish dontcha think? Again great job on this ! Grin
        • Nov 27, 2005
          Yup! I totally agree. No matter how perfect something looks there's always something to fix.
  • Nov 18, 2005
    Very subtle look to this piece.
    For a sketch, tihs is A+ material.
  • Nov 16, 2005
    Holy Heck, I think I'm gonna start crying just looking at these two!!!! When can I get a hold of the comic and what's it called????? Worship Worship Worship
    • Nov 16, 2005
      Oh this comic is just something I do in my spare time it's not in stores or anything...though one day I hope it will be. I'm really glad you like it I was trying to get alot of emotion out of this pic. If you want more background on the characters let me know. Oh yeah and It's called Second Generation. Its kind of a continuation story type thing right after my first comic series called Whellis.Big Smile
      • Nov 18, 2005
        Most Definately want more background pretty please. Innocent
        • Nov 18, 2005
          So I'll just give you background on those two since I have so many I sometimes accidently leave characters out What?. Umm ok so Clay(the guy in the pic) was hired by Argo ( my main villan) to kill Brook's(the girl in the pic) father when she was 14 and he met her and fell in love with her. But Argo had killed and raped her mother and she didn't want to affiliate with anyone close to Argo but she fell in love with him too and her father would disown her if he found out. The two are never able to get some alone time without suspisions flying. So to jump ahead a few issues of 'Whellis' and Brook's father is killed while fighting Argo(Argo is killed too). She runs away to a different city and basically hides for ten years until she comes back to find that Clay has been waiting ever so patiently. Though there's a twist...she came back with a son and another tragic story. Her son's father died in a car crash. Another villan pops up and Clay and Brook find that he controls their whole city. Despite constantly fighting the new foe they manage to get married and have a daughter. Jump ahead five years and they can't seem to get rid of the villan and he's getting more powerful by the day and corrupting the city and plunging them into poverty. One by one Brook's family is slowly killed off her two uncles and her brothers and soon clay will be killed too. So she takes it in to her hands to get rid of him but in the end she too is killed. *whew* what a mouthful. I hope you like their background. oh yeah and they're aren't your regular human. I'm actually writing a fic that happens before my 'Whellis' comic that explains just exactly what my characters are. I posted the first two chaps. but it goes alittle slow at the start but it's getting so much better as I'm thinking up more idea's for it.Grin
          • Nov 19, 2005
            OOOOHHHH, I GOTS TO READ THIS Grin I have to see what's new from the last few days but then I'm off to read your first chappys *applause*
            • Nov 19, 2005
              Laughing thanks! I'm still working with chap. 3 but I should have it done by tomorrow and posted. Keep in mind though that those two characters aren't in it. That fic is more of a prequel to my comic.
              • Nov 19, 2005
                Prequels r good anywho, besides the whole darn story is what I'm wantin to read so of course I need to know what happened before hand Grin
  • Nov 15, 2005
    This looks wonderful. I really like the emotion coming off of it. Great job. Im faving this.




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