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Pussyfooting behind the scenes

Posted Jan 8, 2014, 11:21:28 AM

An early birthday gift for [user562], who wanted to see something more naughty happen between Honeydrawers and Frisky, two characters in the recent charity comic I’ve been doing for hofaheroproject.


I possibly went a little overboard with the lighting, but the scene I came up with was what could have happened after these two left the scene to go get the white tiger “Snowfoot”, that Honeydrawers was rescuing. 

Anyways, Hush- happy birthday, and I hope that you like your gift!

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  • Jan 9, 2014
    Well shit you've been busy!

    I received the charity comic a week or so ago and I was so excited when I saw your work in there! I recognized it immediately. Nice work on the comic and of course on this piece, too.

    • Jan 10, 2014
      Not really ^^; I mean, I was busy in November with that comic, and that kinda struck me back into art (which I'm REALLY happy about cause I was really worried that I wasn't going to get ANYTHING done with how I've been this year), but with moving out of home, this whole year threw me off so much more than I thought it would. It's so different living with friends than with my parents. I really needed it, but my art has suffered a tone this year Sad

      Thank you for sponsoring the comic though Smile I'm glad you liked the comic TuT It was really fun to draw :) Heheh- it made me a big Frisky x Honeydrawers fangirl XD Heh- they're so cute together :3 Oh you know, I got to do a costume redesign for Honey and Sugar if I wanted to, so I did for fun, so that's not his usual costume. It's one I created for my comic :) That was really fun to nut out too ^^
  • Jan 15, 2014
    So wonderful. So wonderful! I loved this when it was done and I love it now Big Smile