Weihnachts 2015

Posted Dec 26, 2015, 3:41:10 AM

So every Christmas, I turn his dick into a candy cane.

Animated version here: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/AngelusMortis/394482/Weihnachts-2015

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  • Dec 27, 2015
    Nice. I approve of candy cane penises. And he managed a Christmas jumper that looks like something you'd wear and look good in Big Smile

    For the roasting though- may I ask about what the chair looks like? is the base of the chair further out than the arm rests?
    • Dec 27, 2015
      Ja, the bottom part of the chair was intentionally made to stick out like that. So that I wouldn't have to hide too many details. Kind of cheating I guess.
      • Dec 27, 2015
        Lol- if you want me to leave it I totally can Smile I wasn't sure if it was intentional or not. If it was, I'll leave it be Wink