Mando reference

Posted Feb 7, 2016, 11:08:54 PM

This curious little imp is a representation of myself, as well as a totem for religious and meditative practices. He is a demon of consumption, highly sexual, and shameless in nature. He craves chaos and revels in any new sensations, scents or tastes. He is capable of nearly limitless shapeshifting, provided he has consumed the materials required.

Visually his head is shark based, bearing an upwards pointed, triangular snout with wide set nostrils, his wide and strong mouth contains rows of pointed flat teeth which he may file down at times for convenience. The three lobes on his head are like fleshy dorsal fins, and are purplish in color. He has three eyes, one large central eye and two smaller "inverted" (black sclera) eyes which are wolflike and sit under a heavy brow dotted with heat pits for sensing life forms. His vision in his two smaller eyes is somewhat poor, and nearsighted. His central eye is typically "half asleep" with the lid hanging low, unless he becomes very interested in something (Like a new friend or sensation) and his central eye will widen, allowing him to focus. He will also use his eyes' rather unsettling appearance to frighten away evil spirits or humans if he is in danger.
His blood is blue, and therefore his tender, fleshy bits show a blue color rather than his red pigmented skin. Blue can be seen inside his mouth, nostrils, the rims of his eyelids, his anus and the tip of his penis. Anywhere the skin is softer and thinner shows a slight purple tint.
His body is very fat and soft, with the exception of his massive and muscular arms and hands, which are immensely strong. He is rarely violent however and is lazy in nature, so they tend not to be much of a threat.
His rump, legs and feet are pig-like, with the exception of a turtle-like tail which sits atop his buttocks, which are quite sizeable in comparison to the rest of his body. His penis is thick and not very long, with loose forskin, and his testicles hang low and are quite large and heavy.

Mando is quite content to simply laze around when food is plentiful, and enjoys spending time with his companion and friend, Red, who is another imp (belongs to my friend) Sex is seen to him as a pleasureable past time and the two of them indulge themselves often, shamelessly and happily.

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