Jinx vs. Magik (Witch War II)

Posted Aug 28, 2018, 2:37:02 AM

Illiyana(Magik) and Jinx take their not so private war into Magiks home dimension of Limbo,  There Jinx feels the "dark side" of her nature rise foward as does any who stay in this universe for too long!  Its not hard,  Jinx herself a former villian embraceses this world wholeheartedly!  The girls pound each other into a bloody mess and with an audience of demons watching the battle(humans can't stay in the arena because of the "corrupting" influence of the Limbo universe,  Their comrades can only watch through magic windows created by their friends!   Here in this world, fighting on a concrete block surrounded by chains this is their "ring,"   Truly a "House of Pain!"

and they don't complain one bit!  LET THEM FIGHT!!broken heartcheeky

Jinx* Teen Titans: Warner bros. animation, DC comics.

Illiyana Rasputin(Magik) The New Mutants: Marvel comics.

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