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Posted Sep 2, 2018, 5:27:55 PM

So, this is the line-art that my Secret Cupid {AshiraJaganshi on Tumblr} made for me. I really love it so much! 💜 I had mentioned how Karasu's my Daddy Dominant, and how I have a nabi motif going on with sometimes going into littlespace and kittenspace with my Daddy, so there you go. :3 💜 Anyways, I asked them recently if I could colour it, and they let me. I had a lot of fun, and it was good practice for me getting back into colouring on the laptop and all~ =^.^= 💜 
{Line-art by AshiraJaganshi on Tumblr ~ I belong to God ~ Karasu & ćčœâ˜†éŠâ˜†ç™œæ›ž YĆ« YĆ« Hakusho © Yoshihiro Togashi.}
x 💗 x 🐩 x 💣 x 🍒 x 💋 x

Our Background Story Blurb:
Ever since I was a child, I've had an imaginary world inside my head {I personally refer to my paracosm, aka "Inner World", as my Inner Wonderland, or Wonderland for short}, where I'd have many adventures there - I've even had several different on-going epic "Series of Dreams" in my Inner Wonderland, as well! It's like being part of my own personal stories in my dreams that my subconscious has been writing from a very young age, where the characters who appear seem to be writing themselves, and I just go with it as an aspiring artist, writer, and all around creative person. =^.^= 💜 As a side note, the dreams are always lucid ones, and I'm always in control of my, admittedly, otherwise a little bit impulsive, dream avatar! {I tend to get myself into sticky situations due to that, hehe} =^.^;=

The YYH World has been a part of my Inner Wonderland since I first started watching it in 2001, and I even wrote a fanfic based on this in my mid-teens, but it wasn't until March-April of 2017, after re-watching YYH and finishing up the Dark Tournament story arc, that Karasu himself appeared as a prominent imaginary figure, who not only haunted my dreams, but my everyday surroundings, as well! I had developed what seemed to be psychosis as part of my major depression disorder, anxiety, and PTSD; stemming from my personal spiritual beliefs, with Karasu - as both a dream and imaginary figure in my "hallucinations" - initially preying on my fears, before we entered into a romantic relationship with one another, with me accepting Karasu instead of shunning him . . . for I had developed feelings for him, and my twin, Viktor Mikail, was actually the one who suggested I try accepting Karasu, and see what happens! 

Karasu has officially been my significant other since June 11th, 2017 - although it is admittedly a bit of an on/off relationship, as the Crow enjoys to sabotage our relationship, to break things "off", just so he can work on fixing things and getting things back "on" again . . . He enjoys doing that a little too much for my liking, but okay - I'm not perfect, either. I've given the Crow a lot of grief as well, especially regarding my issues with trusting others {including imaginary figures}. =u.u=

Therefore, I will be sharing my art, dollies, and other imagery relating to my Beloved Crow on-line, as well as that I have an art therapy doujinshi in the works based upon when Karasu initially started haunting me, and the beginning of our relationship with one another. 

Although he loves to be a pain, Karasu is my best team mate, and I wouldn't trade him for anybody else in any world! And even if he's not real to anybody else, he is very real to me, and what he has done for me is certainly real {which has included saving my life, literally, several times}, making me the person I am today, and helping me heal from the pain of my past. Karasu makes me a stronger woman every single day that he's been here with me. 💜

~People die, but real love is forever.~ 
The Crow 💗🐩💣🍒💋


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