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Stolen - inktober 2018

Posted Oct 5, 2018, 2:02:32 AM

"That is one less prince the Lamitian halfbreed will give over to her queen." 

"No matter, a beast is a beast.  We will put these women who pretend to rule in their rightful place at the end of all of this uproar within the Province."

Coarse laughter echoes within the hall.

A boy, they have taken my baby boy? Hiro- I gave up on you, Myaleste forgive me!

*Note: Myaleste is the goddess worshipped in Llams and the Telechzafrem Province within my original story.

Damn, this made my skin crawl and I have seen it play out in the back of my mind many times before so I know my Muidemi faces this traumatic event.  I cannot change that, even though I am the author...odd how that seems to be a thing. Black and white, being on paper, I guess it makes it all the more tangible for me.  Maybe it is just knowing this woman so intimately and seeing her so broken...

My story follows the life of this woman, and the early portion of it through her teens and twenties is spent fighting a war in a neighboring nation.  At some point in her early 20's she is taken prisoner, and after a couple of months being held they realize she is carrying a child.  She was too early in the pregnancy when she was caught to have shared the news with her husband.  This piece is not done yet, but is a good start for a frame in a page of my graphic novel. Her jailers take her and force an abortion on her, terminating the pregnancy. She looses her mind for a time afterward, but does recover and manges to have a few more children following the event. Looking at this and considering the world she lives in is loosely based on the 1400's medieval period, she is lucky not to have died from sepsis...

On a brighter note, this is my first participation in Inktober ever! Still relying on laying things out in graphite first, I am way too scared to jump right into ink and I'm still correcting things oh well-but I'll keep at it and am already planning to participate again next year 😁

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