First Mission Inktober

Posted Oct 6, 2018, 10:06:08 PM

My second piece for Inktober 2018

A young Masahiro, about 13/14 years old...hard to guess he's 26 in the story, but his race develops at about half speed of a human. Very young teen is what I was aiming for so hopefully he still looks a bit juvenile. A glimpse of his back story, though, as Muidemi meets him initially when he is age 60 so something like 30.  Masahiro ends up aprenticing as a blood mage, somewhat accidentally following his reintroduction back to the Empire.  Long story short, his country had been annexed into the Belizios Empire to the south about 90 years earlier and his people have been opressed/subjugated since.  Tensions have been on the rise, and Masahiro's father essentially pulls a William Walace sort of rebellion that is crushed after some time. His father is executed a traitor to the Emperor, he and his mother run to hide along the southern border of Llams, the next largest country to the north. Eventually the Emperor uses Masahiro and Terenmei, his mother, in a propaganda move to show he is merciful to the indiginous people of the land (the Belizios Empire is mainly a human nation, Masahiro is grimalkin or sphinx depending upon which race you ask, decidedly non human nevertheless).  Upon returning to his home, he is brought into the Emperor's court having been nobility, and comes across a man who will become his master and help him continue his father's fight underground. This is his first assassination mission, the mark panics, Masahiro is caught and panics himself.  He ends up flaying the man, throwing blood up to the rafters.  As it starts to rain back down upon him, everything begins to sink into the boy's mind...

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