What to do with the Vir

Posted Oct 18, 2018, 1:59:03 AM
'Eidon'- Muidemi as a male impersonation - dealing with some doubt after banishing "Cat" from her side, learning Masahiro of the Vir is a man. She had discovered him and healed him following a wound that nearly cost him his life, and he remained with her as grimalkin for about 4 months as he healed enough to shape shift again. He essentially ends up a prisoner within his own body, determines Muidemi is his best hope for helping his nation and stays on. He falls hopelessly in love with her during this period. She discovers him and has him detained, interrogates him, the whole nine yards. Afterward, however, she is unable to sleep, struggles with daily requirements, and pines for him. Vincentianni, the commander of her healers, off and on lover, and close confidant is trying to convince Muidemi to speak to Masahiro and trust. Didn't quite hit the mark with this one, but want to spend more time dedicated to it in the future. Vin's eyes still aren't quite right, but I tackled Muidemi's crown haha need to keep drawing that thing, it's monstrous. I've been quite burnt out by work this week, struggled to get this out, but am happy with my current progress overall.

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