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Washed Ashore Unconscious

Posted Nov 30, 2018, 6:53:19 PM

As they stared at her glistening nude body and all her tats, powerful hands began to slap her, and ram digints into her front and rear openings.  She had the body of a chiselled fitness goddess.  Wonder if she had an on-line webpage showing nude photos of her?  Once they had secured the nude scuba prize in their van, they looked around to see if they could find her car.  A couple of minutes later they came across a lone, older model vehicle.  Seeing her purse under the dash, they quickly popped the doors, found her keys and silenced the car alarm like pros.  To their surpise she had a lot of cash in her purse, so they took her keys and ID.  Once they secured the car again, they went back to the van and drove the 40 minutes through the back roads to get to the cottage.  Soon they would be partying all night...

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