Sakura Kasugano vs. Jinx

Posted Feb 13, 2019, 9:59:15 PM

Here is the REAL battle before their rematch and its a doozie!!broken heart  Sakura and Jinx held NOTHING back in a fight to the bloody finish!  Sakura will win it but BARELY as she takes the victory after an unprecidented 19 rounds!  Both women exhausted from pain and blood loss lay down next to each other and smile,   "A great scrape neh,  Sakura-chan?"  whispers Jinx,  "Hai!"  replies Sakura, " the best,  but Gomen-Nasai i'm really tired tomodachi(friend) Need to sleep now."   "Yeah," says Jinx,  "I can relate."  Their out,  and the crowd goes wild!

Jinx*Teen Titans*DCcomics/Warner bros. animation.

Sakura Kasugano*StreetFighter III* Capcom.

done in Prismacolor and Prang pencils.

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