Eagerly they explored her 2

Posted Apr 25, 2020, 7:47:58 PM

Sydey was not used to the horrendous results left by Star Portal transport, nor by the idea of being kidnapped from her world, and transported endless lightyears off her world. She worried about Diana Parker her lover, and confident, but more about how she would deal with her current dilemma.  She could not speak Ancient languages and as her eyes began less clouded, she could see she was surrounded by very powerful, exquisite males - semi-nude wearing Eygptian Headdresses and sporting Eygptian swords.  Roughly they manhandled her.  For they had easily removed her tight wetsuit and her diving gear, for they had opened the portal underwater and rendered her unconscious using an electro stunning rod.  Low whispers of male lust filled the Dungeon they had put her into.  All of these powerful brutes were huddled around her. Stroking her hair, many had never seen a manicured pussy before, shaved in the shape of a racing stripe.  They whispered their ancient language in her ears., cupped her breasts and one nosey brute was pushing his face into her rearmoist passage, where his tongue knew exactly how to pleasure even this strange female...

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