Frogwoman Captured UW

Posted Apr 28, 2020, 4:06:35 PM

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  • Apr 28, 2020
    Stealthily they watched for their chance. The nubile, semi-nude Frogwoman, had so far not detected their approach, and this gave the, now fully aroused male Atlanteans time to get into position and grab her. The plan was Amorsa the Alpha had his two subordinates each grab an appendage. Silently he signalled to the two other Bull Stallion males to initiate their plan. Before she knew what happened, Jenna was being grabbed by unseen forces. To her shock the lead male forced her powerful Frogwoman;s legs apart and savagely tore the flimsy wetsuit fabric crotch piece off her pubic area. Screaming epitephs under the reg in her mouth, she gazed in horror as Amorsa's manhood came to lift. Grinning wildly, he positioned himself between her legs and slid the engorged dong upwards, into her perfect temple. She tried to escape and struggle, but to no avail. As they floated in the zero-g like ocean environment, Jenna;s ravaging phallus grew and grew, till it effectively rubbed against her inner vaginal walls, for maximum arousal. Slowly he writhed and updulated his male serpent, deeper, slowly at first and gradually increasing his tempo and rhythmic sways. Jennas eyes fluttered her breathing became uncontrolled and soon her body was giving way to its own ideas of how things should be run. This action went on for effortlessly over 80 minutes before A was reaching plateau, then cascading release. Jenna could feel copious streams of his hot CUM shooting upwards into her womb. His cum warmed her soul, and soon the other two bull males took their turns on Jennas puckered coin, and her now cum dripping vagina. This process went on for hours, so it was likely for Jenna she had the RNFWS Mk III rebreather. Orgasm after exquisite orgasm filled her womb, her pussy her soul. Coming too, she had realized she'd been UW way to long and had to find a remote recompression chamber that would fix her up to the proper pressure. Wow she though, Syd and Diana were never gonna believe this story