Encircled Frogwoman Prey 4A

Posted Sep 21, 2020, 8:39:31 PM

This is definately Adult Entertainment folks.  My heroine the Lovely Lt. Parker of the RNFWS has stumbled upon another military, Meta-human male cloning site.  Will she escape - will she EVER be able to walk normally after these well built beasts get a hold of her. Stay tuned.  PS: for the record I am a creep.  I am forever putting my 3D hotties into these sort of unkind and dangerous situations.  To quote Bugs Bunny in a featured cartoon where he was the animator and Daffy was his artistic victim...Aint I a stinker.

Dear Admins for the record I did in fact try to really shrink my images sizes down.  Hope these work for you. Cheers for now

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