Posted Jan 17, 2006, 3:58:53 PM UTC

I dunno whats the matter with my scanner, he just decide to crop my drawing, the way it wants too...no matter how many scan i redid, it keeps cropping!!!?What the...

Anywho, work in progress as you see, i wanted your opinion on this one. Is her head a bit too small. If you see anything wrong, please, fire on!!!!:)

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  • Jan 24, 2006, 1:16:39 PM UTC
    cute I think he ass needs to be bigger just so that it looks like she sitting i don't know- i think she's cute
    • Jan 25, 2006, 6:19:33 PM UTC
      As soon as time make itself available, i'll try working on her, Thanks for the fb Kichi!!!Smile
      • Jan 26, 2006, 7:02:59 AM UTC
        The only reason I say it is because I had life drawing class where we actually had a model and one day I had to do a similar scetch although the view was definitly not from above (thank god)- anyways, the teacher was really impressed with the way I drew this dudes ass because you could see the weight being put on it.
        although you can always say her weight is on the side we can
        t see- that's perfectly resonable. No rush- and don't fix it unless you think it really needs it.
        Usually when the same teacher (i had her for 3 different classes life drawing 1 and 2 and painting) told me to work on my paintings more I completely ignored her (and still would) but they way I paint is just that I like it looking unblended and sloppy. I don't know why it just looks cool to me.
        My one friend takes forever to finish a painting but that's mostly cause she spends a lot of time blending everything perfectly. I could care less- or more rightly I like it better like this9well you'll see what I';m talking about if you check out the one I just posted)

        ANYWAY- I also noticed that her head is a tad small. Since that is closest to the viewer it would be a bit larger. The shoulders are supposed to be as wide as if someone had three heads, but in this case I would make them a tad smaller or the head bigger to show foreshortening better.

        Hope that helps! Grin
        • Jan 26, 2006, 7:26:01 AM UTC
          It does, thanks a lot. Cry yeah i thought so about the head. You should have seen it the first time i drew it, it was even smaller than this. Ah, but, if i can kick my ass, i should finish a few of my unfinished business. Since i ruined most of my good drawings while trying to color them, i have to buy ink for my printer, i want to salvage those ruined ones you see...Smile
          I think your right to keep your style of painting Kichi, its you, its your originality. At first when i started painting, i wanted it to be perfect so i was never satisfied and almost gave up painting because of it. When i realise that art is just creating and that it doesnt have to be perfect or a perfect representation of reality, actually, wheres the fun in doing art if you jsut recreate reality like it is... Art is reality the way we see it, well in my experience. So i do like your style...i dunno, it feels you. A bit dark, a bit of anger a soft spot...Smile I hope you understand what i mean.

          I had nude classes too, i loved those. I remember i was 18 i think and it was the first time i saw a dick in real life, i flushed bright scarlet and could even draw it...lol...
          • Jan 29, 2006, 2:53:58 PM UTC
            Art is reality the way we see it, well in my experience. So i do like your style...i dunno, it feels you. A bit dark, a bit of anger a soft spot... I hope you understand what i mean.

            I get what you mean, and thanks! Grin
            • Jan 29, 2006, 5:44:47 PM UTC
              No problem!!Smile By the way, did you read a bit of the stories? does it sucks??? Even if it does, tell me, i wont be angry! I swear!!!Smile
  • Jan 22, 2006, 1:07:29 PM UTC
    Good job on this! I think you have the shoulders and collar bone down perfectly. Though I think you should thicken up her right calf alittle and other than that I really see nothing else wrong with it. This is really great work Grin
    • Jan 24, 2006, 5:47:48 AM UTC
      You don't think her head is too small? Thats what annoys me the most... Thanks a lot about the shoulders and collar bones, tee hee, im glad! Oh and thanks about the calf, i'll look it up for sure. Thanks again!Smile
      • Jan 24, 2006, 8:02:24 PM UTC
        No I don't think her head is to small but if it bugs you that much maybe you should play with until you like how it looks or get some refrences that helps all the time. Smile
        • Jan 25, 2006, 6:18:29 PM UTC
          Actually, i dont wanna....waaaa....I like her face too much to erase it. If you say its ok, then it is!! Smile
          • Jan 25, 2006, 8:16:59 PM UTC
            lol ok I'm sure it'll come out awesome :Grin:
  • Jan 20, 2006, 4:07:46 PM UTC
    very nice but you are right her head is to small ..and i think that the nip. area should be shaded better ..like the pose and the smile...all in all can't wait to see it finished...Smile
    • Jan 20, 2006, 4:22:47 PM UTC
      You're too nice. Thank you so much for reviewing this. I'll work on her when i'll get the time. Thanks for the critics...Smile




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